North Carolina Hot Air Balloon RidesAirtime Balloon Company offers hot air balloon rides year round in the Charlotte region of North Carolina. Experience the beauty of hot air balloon flight with one of North Carolina’s premier balloon ride companies.

Your hot air balloon ride excursion begins at dawn or late afternoon when the wind is gentle and the light of the sun gives North Carolina  a special appeal, particularly for photography. Then imagine, floating silently, as free as a bird. You feel no wind, because you are a part of it. Birds fly overhead and the sun beams down on your face. You float gently and peacefully across the land laid out in miniature for your inspection. A patchwork of colors and patterns. You can hear the sounds of the busy world below, pick leaves from the tree tops and see reflections of your balloon moving across small lakes. Time seems to stand still as you are suspended between the sky and the earth….THAT’S BALLOONING!

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